Our Applications

Our principal software products are listed below. Full update notifications and change-logs are available to registered users.

Best Practice

Practice Records Manager - Governance Report

Group Development and Professional Records Management

Livestock Resource Management

This application manages the complete life-cycle of a modern livestock-based processing plant, from farm and site records through to kill and production planning.

Pallet-Trace Warehouse Communications

This application acts as the communications centre for a warehouse or depot, automatically monitoring customer notifications of deliveries or picking lists in a variety of formats and presenting them to the Warehouse Management System in a consistent manner. Complex reporting functionality allows feedback to be given to the customer about the current state of their orders and stock.

Primary Health Care Management System

For UK GP Practices this application simplifies the management and generation of Clinical Governance and Continuing Professional Development records for all staff. This includes project management, tracking significant events though audits and appraisal, recording practice processes and documenting changes.

SQL Mirroring

SQL Mirroring - Web Screenshot

This application automates the replication of data between SQL servers, ensuring that data is backed up and always made available for stand-by or reporting services. True independent snapshots of the data can be automatically made to preserve or archive frequently changing data.

Training Coordinator

This software package records and organises your company or organisation's training requirements. Users can be assigned to roles or jobs within departments, which automatically generates their training needs. Scheduled training sessions for tasks or roles are allocated to these users to bring their training record in line with their new job requirements, or renew their existing certifications.