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Practice Records Manager - Sample Project
Practice Records Manager - Project List
Practice Records Manager - Governance Report

Group Development and Professional Records Management

This application simplifies the management and generation of Clinical Governance and Continuing Professional Development records across a medical practice. This includes project management, tracking significant events though audits and appraisal, recording practice processes and documenting changes. Linking events, meetings and projects into a timeline allows a level of tracking that has proved difficult for practices to record or demonstrate until now. This provides detailed feedback on how an incident or project has been managed including exactly what courses of action have been taken and what results have been achieved. All of this can be presented in concise reports at the click of button to meet regulatory documentation requirements.

For the individual user this reduces the burden in producing annual CPD reports since a lot of their quota will already be documented through group or practice-wide activities, including. As well as maintaining records of professional registrations, appraisals and other certifications, the system notifies users of renewal deadlines and highlights areas of missing or incomplete information based on their role within the practice.

Shared calendar and reminders keep everyone in the practice informed of upcoming events, deadlines or assigned tasks. Files attachments added to projects, comments or journals are archived and searchable in a shared library for future reference, with built-in features such as version control. User access permissions can be controlled either at role or individual level, and all actions are logged to provide a complete audit trail of data edits.