Our Process

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We believe that it is crucial to gain a thorough understanding of our clients business and working practices. We are very proud our clients have joked that we know more about their industry than most people inside it. Acidy specialise in the implementation of enterprise database systems, streamlining and optimising data handling, storage and analysis so that our clients can concentrate on their core business. This focus guarantees that our clients benefit fully from the specific expertise we have developed.

By working closely with end users, the people who will be using our software every day, we are able to tailor our solution to our client's existing working model. This approach ensures that our programs fit around our client's way of working - we do not expect our clients to change their processes to fit in with our software! Acidy are on hand to advise and support throughout the design and implementation process, ensuring a hassle-free role-out of the client's new data management systems.

By committing ourselves to developing this level of understanding and trust we have been able to enjoy long-term relationships with our clients over the course of many projects.