Supporting Services

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Acidy focus on the provision of powerful data management systems, tailored to facilitate our clients' existing working practices. In order to fully realise the potential of these systems we provide any supporting features necessary for their smooth integration and operation.

These often include:

  • Web design and development - we have extensive experience in graphic design and website programming which enables us to create an eye-catching online presence and appropriate printed media for our clients. Acidy are also available to advise on or to co-ordinate web-positioning and marketing campaigns.
  • User interface design - an effective database should integrate easily with existing processes. A simple yet powerful graphical interface makes our databases user-friendly and facilitates staff training.
  • Hosting - we offer a wide range of managed hosting services to suit our clients' requirements. Online databases or e-commerce websites are hosted on our own server facility. We can also securely host Intranet content using VPNs to insure it is only accessible from within our client's WAN, and provide other services including advanced email and web-mail facilities.
  • Maintenance and development - Acidy places an emphasis on long-term relationships with our clients, in this way we are able to gain a thorough knowledge of our clients' requirements and the factors which affect their business. In continuing maintenance and development we are able to ensure that our software expands and develops with our clients' changing needs and growing businesses.

These auxiliary services are available to our valued clients to support and enhance their data management systems, they are not generally available as stand-alone services. Please contact us to discuss your company's requirements.