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As part of a complete e-commerce or online database solution, Acidy provide enterprise level hosting on our dedicated server facility. Depending on the nature of the project this can include webspace, domain management and DNS services, email and intranets over VPN.

Since our emphasis is on database development, hosting is not generally available as a stand-alone service. However, existing clients will be given the opportunity to take advantage of our World-class servers and preferential hosting rates to ensure their new database is optimally maintained. Support staff are constantly on hand to ensure that our service remains uninterrupted and your online presence is as reliable as possible.

Our servers can also provide email services over a variety of protocols depending on your company's existing network infrastructure. We can provide SMTP streams, infinite POP, webmail or IMAP accounts, and give you access to a control panel which enables you to manage your own mail - define new mailboxes, mailing lists, forwarding rules and other high-level tasks.