User Interface Design

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An intelligent, well integrated and user-friendly interface is essential for the successful implementation and long-term success of a data management system.

Acidy take our client's current working practices and the specific concerns of their industry as the starting point for our design. Working closely with the end users we identify and streamline the process of data storage, management and retreival. We work to identify areas of potential further development, building an interface with as much flexiblity and potential for growth as the database it supports.

By creating an attractive graphical task-based interface that reflects established concepts, Acidy facilitate the easy implementation of our systems and simplify staff training. Complex tasks and concepts are clearly expressed and communication is swiftly established with the user. When everyday tasks are easily accomplished, staff are quickly able to assimilate and take advantage of more sophisticated functions as required. Rolling out our data management systems should be swift, economical and intuitive.